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Illustrated by Tania Howells
Published by Kids Can Press
ISBN 9781771385497

“Sometimes Willow smiled without even trying. But sometimes when she wished she could and knew she should, her smile slipped straight off her face.” So what will she do on Picture Day?! This relatable and reassuring story offers children a terrific model for how to deal with a difficult experience in a socially and emotionally competent way.


“... this slice-of-life picture book is an affirming celebration of being true to your authentic self.”
School Library Journal, February 2016

“Many children have doubts and fears that they cannot express to the adults around them. Willow can provide an access point for this type of feeling. Willow’s Smile will make a wonderful addition to the library of any child. Highly Recommended.”
CM Magazine May 2016

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Willow's Smaile