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When I was growing up in the tiny border town of St. Stephen, New Brunswick, I didn't think I would grow up to be an author. I was pretty sure I’d be a movie star— I spent lots of time practicing being a star while singing into my skipping rope to large crowds of imaginary people.

I studied acting, and performed in front of theatergoing crowds, and on TV and film sets in Montreal and Vancouver. But then I started studying early childhood education and fell in love with the magic of picture books. I began writing. I am super proud that my stories have won awards and have been translated into different languages. But I am most proud when I hear that they have inspired a child, given them a chance to cheer, and helped them to find their own voice.

One of my favorite things about being a children’s author is sharing my stories through presentations. I love reading aloud, I love giving insight into how a book is born, and I love talking with the children about the challenges and triumphs they have in common with my characters. (And they give me a real microphone! So I usually throw in a song or two!) I have had the pleasure of presenting to large crowds of real children in school settings, libraries, and festivals from Saskatchewan’s Festival of Words, to St. Lucia’s Rainforest of Reading. I was a proud touring author for TD Canadian Children's Book Week.

I enjoy working with literary organizations that support children through books, such as IBBY Canada, First Book Canada and the One World School House. My husband and I live in Burlington, Ontario with our doting dog and our demanding cat. We have three amazing daughters who are all grown up, but will thankfully still listen to picture books.