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Willow's Whispers

When Willow speaks, her words slip out as soft and shy as a secret. With a barely audible whisper, she is ignored most of the day. But Willow is as resourceful as she is quiet, and fashions something magic that helps. But Willow's clever invention is only a temporary solution. How will this quiet little girl make herself heard?

“A victory for any reader who struggles to be heard, even metaphorically”
—Kirkus Review, January 2010

“There is nothing cloying about the sweetness of this book. The playful use of font sizes, the simply drawn, brightly colored figures and, most of all, the perfect pitch of its text, see to that.”
— The Globe and Mail, May 2010


2011 - Blue Spruce Award, Ontario Library Association, Short-listed
2011 - Best Books for Kids & Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre, Winner
2011 - Shining Willow Award, Saskatchewan Young Readers' Choice Award, Short-listed
2011 - Best Children's Books of the Year, Bank Street Children's Book Committee, Winner
2010 - Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities, IBBY, Winner