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Illustrated by Hatem Ali
Published by Owlkids
ISBN 9781771473408

Raj has one rule: he never uses the bathroom at school. It’s just not the same as the one at home. All day, he avoids bathroom trips. Easy enough, since he lives by these tips: Don’t linger at the sink. Stay away from anyone who makes you laugh. Watch out for distractions, especially schoolwork. And sit still: no running, jumping, cartwheels, or sneezing. Until one day—achoo!—Raj has to break his own rule.

After he faces his fear and uses the bathroom at school, Raj feels different. He doesn’t have to rush! He can try new things, laugh, explore … even enjoy his work. He can stay awhile and play. Raj discovers things are better if you just go when you need to.

Told in speech bubbles with bright, lively art showing a diverse group of kids, this is a riotous rhyming read-aloud with an empathetic take on facing a common fear.

"Button subtly and effectively conveys how actions related to anxiety might disrupt a child’s academic and social performance, but this readaloud will resonate with any reader who has faced a fear.”
—Publisher’s Weekly, 2020

“Author and educator Button offers a sympathetic treatment of a common but rarely depicted childhood anxiety.
Sweet relief.”
—Kirkus Reviews, August 2020

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Raj's Ruke for the BAthroom at School