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Illustrated by Skye Ali
Published by Tundra Books
ISBN 9781774880791

A sweet picture book about a kid welcoming new people into her grammie's old house.

"You're going to love my Grammie's house. You'll love every single thing about it."

A precocious and delightful little kid walks some potential buyers through her grammie's old house, pointing out all the great things about it: a shaggy rug for shuffling, a climbing tree, a shady closet that makes a great clubhouse, a perfect spot for eating cookies.

And with each new detail eagerly pointed out, we get to see hints of what the house was like when Grammie was still there and experience the love that lived in every single nook and cranny.

This is a charming and upbeat story that celebrates the connections we make between people and the spaces they inhabit, and the memories that can live on even when new connections are being made.

Coming in September

Available for pre-order at your local bookstore - or HERE