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The Only Lonely Fairy

Illustrated by Peggy Collins
Published by Pajama Press
ISBN: 9781772783025

Make-believe + melodrama = comedy as one dramatic little girl learns the new skill of finding a friend

Leah is looking for a friend to play fairies. But when her invitation fails to sway her classmates, Leah is left all…ALONE.

Poor Lonely Leah! Will she always be the only one standing alone in line? The only one reading fairy tales in the book corner? The AGONY of her SUFFERING is so overpowering that she almost misses the quiet voice trying to get her attention…

From the creators of Percy’s Perfect Friend comes an entertaining new journey into social-emotional growth. Author Lana Button is an early childhood educator who has seen firsthand the struggles many kids experience learning to navigate social situations and conflict—especially if pandemic lockdowns were part of their early lives. In The Only Lonely Fairy, she tells a relatable story of someone trying to make friends and missing the mark, while Peggy Collins brings lively humor to the illustrations, letting readers know what Leah doesn’t yet: that she isn’t alone after all.

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