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Illustrated by Alice Carter
Published by Pajama Press
ISBN 9781772782165

Poor cow woke up with such a bad cold that every “moo” comes out as “boo!” When she stumbles into a sheet hanging from the clothesline, her barnyard friends mistake her for a spooky ghost and run away. But the cow is able to bravely turn this misunderstanding to her advantage when a truly scary intruder arrives at the farm…

In The Cow Said BOO! author Lana Button delivers a silly read-aloud for a not-so-spooky Halloween, or any time of the year. Written in playful rhyme that will shine at an interactive story time, the text includes a repeated refrain that will have listeners chiming in with many an exuberant, “The cow said, BOO!” Watercolour illustrations by Alice Carter catch both the eye and the heart with their humour and energy. Closing scenes of the animal friends nursing the cow back to health bring a tender lull to riotous story time—until a final twist dissolves the peace in giggles once again.

Don’t miss the closing spread with illustrated hand- (and paw!) washing instructions for chasing away colds.

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