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School Visits

Lana has presented to thousands of children across Canada. She was a Northern Alberta touring author for Canadian Children’s Book Week, and has presented at Ontario’s Eden Mills Festival and Telling Tales Festival, as well as Saskatchewan’s Festival of Words. Her award winning picture books have been named Best Bets, and were shortlisted for the Blue Spruce Award, the Rainforest of Reading, Bank Street Book, the Shining Willow Award and the Jean Throop Book Award.

Lana is an Early Childhood Educator and a former actress who feels most at home when on stage in front of young children. Her lively presentations incorporate reading, singing and interacting with her audience. She starts by describing a love for ‘magic’ picture books. Lana’s presentations keep the attention of young students learning about books, about themselves and about each other. Her goal is to always leave her audience cheering!    

Lana shares her journey of bringing Willow to life with a literary step-by step lesson in how a picture book is made, told in an engaging age-appropriate way. Lana discusses nervous feelings and overcoming fears with My Teacher’s NOT Here! She shares Willow’s Whispers, discussing empathy, self-esteem and self-reliance. With Willow Finds a Way, Lana reads the story and engages the children in recognizing bullying behavior and finding ways to stand up to bullying. With Willow’s Smile, Lana engages the children in recognizing emotions in our selves and in our peers, as well as facing a challenging task. Lana will also share her brand new book What if Bunny’s NOT a Bully? discussing friendship, empathy and second chances. Lana always welcomes questions in her presentations, which are typically 45-50 minutes long.